Core Technology

ParagonLED R&D team has been focusing on new generation of integrating LED. Based on the faith of making LED "easy" lighting, we need to invest much more efforts and bring new experience for users. "Easy" doesn't means simple, but comes from delicate design with deeper sensible meanings. In the future, the main purpose of ParagonLED is to develop COB LED modules integrated with optical design, fixture, and electricity as total solution.
AC LED Module:
AC-LED light engines have numerous advantages — starting with a flat and compact form factor enabled by the lack of an LED driver, thereby simplifying the luminaire design.

•Drive on board
•Wide operation temperature -60℃ to +145℃
•Dual Color Temperatures
•Dimmable Circuit for PWM / 0v~10v control / Triac
•High Power Factor>0.9-0.99
•Dual Voltages for AC Direct Driven Circuit
•Constant Power Output
•Switch on/off >5 million times


  System Integration:

•Light Engine Self-Diagnosis
•Radio Tech Synchronization
•Microwave Motion Sensing
•Photocell Intergration
•WiFi/Zigbee wireless smart lighting control
•Bluebooth control

Total Solution:
•Heatsink design
•>10KV with external surge protective device 
•Secondary optical lens design

Through professional and experienced research and development techniques, we provide customized (heat sink design/10KV external surge protective device…)products that can be tailored to different requirements.

•UV LED module
•Green LED module