1. Usage
We strongly recommend that all the light engines be used within the recommended current and voltage value.

2. Heat dissipation is a mandatory requirement for use
LED itself generates heat while lightening. Please be noted that heat has many harmful effects on LED
it is especially important to have effective heat dissipation 
device that can dissipate heat and decrease the LED temperature.
Also please make sure the LED is well-connected to the heat dissipation device in order to reach the best effect of the device.  


When assemble the LED and the lighting fixture, please make sure thermal grease, thermal pad or graphite pad is used. Fix the light engine firmly and tightly (including the heat sink) by M3 screws. However be careful not to apply stress to the light engine during clamping operation. Besides, please control the clamping power around 0.4Nm.

4.Heat Measurement           
Tj = Tc + P*Rj-c
Tj: Junction temperature (125°C)
Tc: Ambient temperature
P: Power
Rj-c: Thermal resistance